I absolutely live for the sunshine. I need warmth to operate functionally. Where I live it is just starting to be consistent with the warmth in the air.

Today while conjuring up ideas to use for this Top Ten list I asked my darling friend Joel for ideas. He came up with this one and I think it is appropriate…


10) LAYING IN A HAMMOK– Cheesy…slightly. AMAZING? fully. I love falling asleep in a hammock  in warm weather. Maybe reading a book or day dreaming than drifting off… warm silky breeze dancing in and out and around my legs and arms and nose… pockets of sunlight making their way through the shade from the leaves on the trees above….

9) SKINNY DIPPING–  Warm weather would not be complete without a good old nude dip in the refreshing water. There is no feeling more liberating than that. Hallelujah!



8) GO TO A COTTAGE– Notice how I said “a” cottage… I don’t have one, yet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cottages! It’s like a summer home away from home seeing as I spend most of my time up in the country. Cottages have sucha  vibe to them. They are like little retreats filled with friends coming and going. What a way to spend the summer than frequenting the cottage! Bonfires, running and jumping into the freezing cold lake, fishing, eating! yes. yes. yes. I say YES.

7) GET SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM– So here is the thing, I am allergic to milk, however one thing I can not resist in warm weather is a fresh cone of vanilla soft serve. Delicious. I walk around a lot when it’s warm out so to stumble across some soft serve is like the perfect treat for my day.


6) WALK AROUND AT NIGHT– This may seem odd but one of my absolute favourite things to do when it is warm out is to wander around the streets/countryside/beach etc at night. People seem to always be out and about in great weather. There is a lovely shift in energy in the atmosphere and it’s addictive to me. The sun is no longer blaring on the skin, things have calmed down a bit but are still alive and moving. I love that.

5) SIT ON A PATIO – Sitting on a patio, with an ice cold beverage and a friend can be the most satisfying experience. People are buzzing around you, food is fresh and great, sun is shining, shades are on… incredible. To me, the start to a summer is patio season… when I notice that people are out on those chairs I get excited. It’s like a beacon, a marker of the finality of spring.

4) BBQ– Three letters of heaven. Who doesn’t enjoy a fantastic barbeque with friends and family, music, food, drink, laughter, dancing…. geez. Austin Texas next year I will be at SXSW enjoying such things…watch out!

3) WALKING ALONG THE BEACH– This activity is perfect morning noon or night. I love being by water. I love having my toes in the sand and breathing in that salty air. It calms me. I love getting up early in the morning as the sun is rising and going for 2 hour walks along the water line. . . Or taking someone special to the beach late at night when the waves seem murderously loud and all you can see is the reflection of the moon on one anothers skin. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

2) DRIVING WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN AND MUSIC UP– This will never fail to bring me bliss. To feel my hair whipping about, almost stinging my cheeks while listening to music as loud as I can with warmth enveloping my whole body is a spiritual experience. Doesn’t matter if I am with people or alone, this is simply one of my all time favourite things in the whole entire world.

1) PLAY MUSIC WITH FRIENDS ON A PORCH IN THE COUNTRY– How could this not be my favourite thing to do in warm weather? Nothing brings me more pleasure than to be hanging out with the ones I love, playing music, learning new riffs, eating great food, having cold drinks and enjoying life till the sun goes down. BELISSIMA.

About Red

My name is Amanda Zelina, most people call me Red but I am known under my musical moniker, The Coppertone My life is driven by self expression, gratitude, love and service to others through the art of communication. Life compels me. Whether you know me as a musician, an antique hunter, a photographer/videographer, an artist, a writer, an avid collector of vinyl, or that geek who reads marketing books in the back of the tour bus... I have one goal: To inspire and empower others to live authentically Beyond the music, beyond the art, beyond the skin and bones and red lipstick that hold me together I have one message: CLAIM YOURSELF /Klam/ yer' self/ Noun Being who you are ( even in the face of discrimination and/or judgement) . Being true to oneself. Being accountable for oneself. Being Authentic. Synonyms authentic - integrity - integral - empowered - inspired - strength - strong - accepting - confidant - proud - love My tribe are the ones who Claim Themselves. The ones who challenge. The ones who fight. The ones who fearlessly re-define, to find themselves.
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